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About Us


Welcome to NEEbytes, an innovative platform founded by Nelson Tizeo, driven by a passion for technology and the potential of cryptocurrency. In the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic, Nelson identified two pressing challenges: the inability for individuals to capitalize on their own data and the lack of a sustainable cryptocurrency economy.

With a relentless pursuit of solutions, Nelson combined the dynamic power of cryptocurrency and the untapped potential of data, giving rise to NEEbytes. Through the ingenious integration of cryptocurrency and data, NEEbytes empowers individuals to monetize their data while providing companies with access to invaluable insights in a manner that's equitable, secure, and respectful of privacy.


Our Vision and Mission

At NEEbytes, we envision a world where data isn't just a byproduct of online interactions, but a tangible asset for individuals to invest in. Our mission is to provide a platform that bridges the gap between personal data and cryptocurrency, revolutionizing how data is traded, valued, and protected.

The Genesis of NEEbytes

During the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nelson embarked on a transformative camping road trip across Canada. As he witnessed the world glued to screens generating data, he couldn't help but ponder the potential for individuals to have control over their data's destiny. This journey of introspection and exploration laid the foundation for NEEbytes.


Having honed his understanding of blockchain technology since 2017, Nelson recognized that blockchain's attributes held the key to unlocking data's true worth. The breakthrough was in transforming abstract data into transferable cryptocurrency, enabling individuals to not only protect their data privacy but also to monetize their data if they choose.

Our Journey So Far

Since its inception, NEEbytes has achieved remarkable milestones. We participated in an incubator program that nurtured our vision, developed a test platform that attracted over 10,000 members within a week, and secured funding from AWS—a testament to the innovative potential of NEEbytes. With the collaboration of in-house developers, freelancers, and the support of AWS and Cloud303, we're steadfast in our mission to redefine data's role in the digital economy.

Empowering Data Monetization

Empowering Data Monetization: NEEbytes isn't just a platform; it's a movement that empowers you to invest in yourself through your data. In a world where data privacy regulations are evolving and traditional data-sharing avenues are facing challenges, NEEbytes offers a secure and transparent marketplace. Here, users have the opportunity to monetize their data through the NEE cryptocurrency, fueling companies' targeted marketing initiatives.


Creating a Sustainable Data Economy

As the digital landscape shifts towards increased data privacy measures, NEEbytes leads the charge in creating a future-proof data economy. By joining NEEbytes early, you're pioneering a transformation that reshapes the dynamics of data ownership. Your contributions help create a data ecosystem where individuals possess true agency over their data, and companies access invaluable insights that enhance their strategies.

Your Data, Your Choice

NEEbytes is built on the principle that your data is yours to control. Whether you choose to monetize your data for a period, safeguard it indefinitely, or even withdraw it from availability, NEEbytes respects your choices. Our innovative blockchain technology ensures your data privacy preferences are permanently recorded, granting you full control over your digital identity.

Join the Data Revolution

Become a part of the NEEbytes community today and embark on a journey that empowers you to unlock the potential of your data. As we revolutionize the data landscape, you're not just an early adopter; you're a pioneer shaping a new era of data empowerment.


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Experience the fusion of data, cryptocurrency, and privacy, and be a catalyst in building a data economy that benefits everyone.

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