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NEEbytes Chatbot:
Introducing AI-Powered Customer Service Assistant!

How it Works! 

Revolutionize your website with our out-of-the-box AI solution.


Designed for ease and efficiency, our AI assistant integrates seamlessly into your site, saving you development costs and enhancing your user engagement instantly.

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Detailed User Journey:

1. Account Creation:

Start by signing up on our Neebytes business web app. Choose the plan that best fits your needs—be it our free limited trial or our comprehensive monthly/yearly subscriptions.

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2. Customization Options:

Customize your experience by selecting add-ons like email or WhatsApp notifications, and initiating chats with our intelligent chatbot.

3. Setup and Installation:

​Simply enter your website’s URL and follow the prompts for face authentication or payment processing through PayPal.

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4. Website Crawling:

Our system will automatically crawl your website, collecting data to train your new AI assistant. Watch in real time as we prepare your personalized support helper.

NEEbytes Assistant being created
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5. Integration and Activation:

Post-setup, you'll receive a script to embed your new AI within your site. This allows your visitors to interact directly with the AI, getting tailored responses while providing you invaluable insights into their needs and interests.

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Launch Your AI Assistant Today!

Ready to transform your customer interactions and streamline your service capabilities?

Don't wait any longer. Join the hundreds of businesses integrating AI into their websites for a better customer experience.

Activate your AI-powered assistant today and experience the future of customer service—personalized, efficient, and entirely tailored to your brand.

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