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Adding Value to NEE Coins

Research Surveys

We are ready to take the first step towards achieving our first milestone as described in our roadmap.

Today we completed integration with a new survey network so we can test launch and discover how much value can be added to data through research.

How Does It Work?

After completing the NEEbytes survey, a new survey button will appear on the survey page.

If you click the survey network button, you will be prompted to complete a demographic survey with questions such as gender, age, and others. Such questions are asked so the Network can find available surveys in your area that fits your persona.

To qualify for the surveys, you must not be using a VPN.

All members that successfully complete the survey will be rewarded with Points.

At the moment, Points can be converted into NEEbytes inside the Points wallet.

Points can change value as we continue to test the feature, but they are worth as follows —> 1 Point = 1 NEEbytes —> 1 NEEbytes = 0.001 NEE coin.

You can expect new options for the conversion of points to be implemented shortly.

Once you complete the demographic survey 2 things can happen:

  1. You will be given a selection of surveys to choose from, or

  2. There will be no surveys available in your area.

If surveys are available, you will be offered a selection of surveys that you can choose to complete.

You can complete surveys based on the length or Points distributed.

When the survey is successfully completed, the value generated will be added to the ecosystem as per our WhitePaper.

After choosing from one of the surveys available, you will be redirected to the survey distributer and presented with another demographic survey.

A new demographic survey is distributed to ensure that you are indeed qualified to answer the questions the researcher has available.

Among the survey questions, you will be prompt to answer some common knowledge questions to ensure you are paying attention to the survey.

Such questions could be as follows:

Counting backwards, what is the number that comes after 5?

In this case, the answer would be number 4.

Questions are not limited to the example above. The example provided is for you to know what you should expect if you decide to complete and be part of the available surveys.

Please ensure you complete all survey questions to the best of your knowledge to ensure that the Network does not ban you from accessing this feature.

The Networks that are providing the surveys use the latest technology to ensure surveys are distributed to the right audience.

If you do not have time or are not interested in completing the survey, please avoid accessing this feature as there are other methods you can use to mine NEEbytes.

If there are no surveys available, do not worry and please do not give up. You can check again later.

We are connecting with global survey networks, and we are sure they will eventually have a survey that fits your persona or demographics.

As integration continues, you can expect different options to add value to NEEbytes ecosystem, including more surveys from various networks, playing games, and watching reward ads.

We hope you enjoy the new feature.

Share your experience with us, so we can continue to work on options to add value to your data!

The test is on, and we will finally add value to your data now.

Please allow 45 to 90 days before the value is reflected into the NEEbytes ecosystem. This is how long it takes for the Networks to release funds generated through our channel.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Don't be left behind. Start adding value to your data today!

Don't know how?


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