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Mining the most NEEbytes

To mine NEEbytes, you need to interact with the platform by adding content. Adding content not only provides you with fractions of NEEbytes but it activates your hash power.

Your hash power gives you rights over the coins distributed by the main daily block, Known as the registration pool.

The main block has 5000 NEE coins and is distributed daily between the members that activate their hash power by adding content.

The more hash power you have, the more access to coins you will have.

You can increase your hash power by inviting friends to join the platform with your referral code.

Your referral code can be found on your profile page, under your profile name.

For every 2 new members that register with your referral code and authenticate themselves, your hash power increases by 1 point.

Each person starts mining with 1 hash power.

The daily block of coins is distributed between members adding content, and distribution is based on their hash power.

NEEbytes have been designed to enable members to mine around 1 NEE coin per year per mining station.

As we are in the infancy of the project, now is the best time to get access to most NEE coins, and you do that by helping to grow the community.

In the NEEbytes ecosystem, we make it easy for you to be among the top holders, and you can do so by inviting your network.

The more the community grows, the more value is added to the NEE coins through advertisements.

The more you help to increase the community, the more access you have to NEE coins when you perform your daily mining activities.

Share your referral code today.

* You can share your code by creating posts on the platforms you use to communicate with your network.

* You can message your friends and family.

Whichever way you choose to share your referral code, you will increase your hash power and start mining more NEEbytes.

Let's get the word out!

Let's show people that we, too, can benefit from cookie data.

Start increasing your hash power today!

Enjoy your mining ⛏


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