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Monetizing the NEEbytes Ecosystem

Reward ads on NEEchannel

We have taken another step towards monetizing the ecosystem: You can now watch ads on Android devices.

Reward ads are a new mining method that gives you points that can be exchanged for NEEbytes.

As we start to generate value through data, it is imperative to understand that we are doing this on a lower scale.

More value will be added to NEEbytes based on how many Reward ads you watch or how many surveys you answer, even when you find out that you were not eligible to complete the survey.

With more members joining the ecosystem, it is a matter of time until we can observe the value of data reflected in NEE coins.

Once cookie data generates value, the value will be added to NEEbytes as per our WhitePaper.

How much is Cookie data worth?

The test begins today, and we count on you to use the technology NEEbytes is developing so that together we can discover the actual value of data for us as individuals.

If you choose to mine NEEbytes by watching "Rewards ads," you will receive "Points" that can later be exchanged into NEEbytes inside the "Points page."

The "Points page" can be found in the menu on the left of your screen under the "NEEbytes tab."

Once you are on the "Points page," you can click on the convert button and choose how many points you want to convert into NEEbytes.

What are the points?

Points are a term used to reward our members and abide by the guidelines imposed by the networks and marketplaces, enabling us to deliver the new mining features we have integrated.

1 Point is worth 1 NEEbytes,

0.001 NEE coin is 1 NEEbytes,

NEEbytes is the fuel that powers our ecosystem,

NEEbytes is cookie data converted into a digital asset,

When you mine NEEbytes, you activate the hash power that enables you to mine the daily block of NEE coins.

Where can you find and watch Reward ads?

Currently, "Reward ads" are only available on the Android Devices.

You can find "Reward ads" on the bottom left side of your screen, inside NEEchannel's app. There you will find an icon called "Reward ads."

What should you expect from the "Reward ads" mining feature?

  • If you click on Reward ads, you will trigger the system to display ads in exchange for rewards.

  • After watching an ad, you will gain 1 point, and you can check it in your points wallet.

  • Reward ads are limited to one ad every five minutes from the last time you watched the ad. The countdown starts from the last time you watched an ad. If you click on the Reward ads tab before 5 minutes have passed, you will be prompt to try again soon.

In the next few days, we will optimize the reward feature, and you will receive a notification for every point you gain.

We hope you enjoy the updates we add as we continue to develop the NEEbytes ecosystem.

Please do not hesitate to share your experience with us.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we can't wait to hear your thoughts as we continue our development.

Now that our community can add value to data, there is no holding us.

We will discover the actual value of cookie data!

Tighten your seat belts. We are ready for take-off!

And we are taking you, to the moon, with us!

Wanna us to write about a specific topic?

Write your suggestions below.

See you in the next blog.


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