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NEE Channel and other Mining Stations

To test the value of data, we put NEEbytes technology into use and created NEEchannel.

NEEchannel is designed to share revenue under NEEbytes protocol but at a rate of 50% of all profit generated through the sale of ad space.

NEEchannel is a social platform for you to replicate the same things you do online today so you can find out how much your data is worth.

Inside NEEchannel, users can add content as they would on any other online platform, but with NEEbytes technology converting cookie data, time and attention into NEE cryptocurrency, so you can make money out of the time you spend online.

Converting data into NEEbytes cryptocurrency is seamless, and our technology can open the crypto world doors to a whole new audience. With that said, NEEbytes user base can grow exponentially and to make sure our users are well informed about what is happening in the crypto world, we have created a research page inside NEEchannel. Our "crypto Feed" page aggregates the latest news and influencer insights from various channels and makes it all available to NEEbytes users at the touch of a screen.

How To Mine NEEbytes

To start mining NEEbytes, you will need to authenticate yourself. This is done to protect the blockchain's integrity and prevent users from opening multiple accounts and bots from trolling the system.

You can mine NEE coins by performing native activities inside mining stations.

In the case of NEEchannel, you can replicate what you already do inside your favourite social media channel.

NEEbytes servers communicate with mining stations through algorithms and API connections, analyze cookie data shared by users, and convert it to NEE coins as users add content into platforms using NEEbytes technology.

After authentication, users start to receive 0.001 NEE coin daily, without the need to perform further action. However, users need to make sure authentication is kept up to date if the server upgrades the method.

Mining Stations will provide users with 0.001 NEE coins. NEEbytes server will distribute it daily according to user interactions, adding content inside mining stations.

Content is created by any actions performed by users, which causes users to spend time inside stations, enabling the same to access cookie data and users' attention.

All users interacting with the ecosystem are entitled to mine the daily coins available in NEEbytes server pools. To access these coins, users must interact with the system daily.

At this time, there are 2 Pools available for mining inside NEEbytes servers, besides the coins distributed through the conversion of data inside mining stations.

  1. Content creation Pool - It has been designed especially for NEEchannel as the first mining station, and it was created to award the community. Users that add the best content inside the platform enjoy mining from this pool. The top 10% of the posts that receive the most likes will split 1000 coins distributed daily by the NEEbytes server.

  2. Registration Pool - This pool is available to all users that share data and interact with mining stations. In this pool, there are 5000 coins available and ready to be distributed daily. Coins in this pool are only accessed on the days users interact with the ecosystem. After authentication, the user receives 1 hash power (power over the coins distributed). The hash power is used to identify the allotment of coins distributed to each user. Hash Power can be increased by introducing new users to the ecosystem. For every 2 new friends introduced, users receive an extra hash power. The extra hash power is awarded to the users that have initiated the referral. The extra hash power gives the user access to more daily coins. New members must register using the correct referral code provided by the existing NEEbytes member for the hash power to be awarded. New members must also be authenticated before extra hash power is granted.

The more hash power you have under your profile, the more access to NEEbytes coins you will have.


There are no frills or secrets in mining NEEbytes. You can continue to do what you already do online, but at this time inside mining stations.

Regulators have provided you with acts to protect your data privacy.

NEEbytes is providing you with the tools you need to monetize it.

Corporations are doing, and you who create the data should profit from it too.

It is on you to stop being the product used by corporations.

Start monetizing your data today!

Join the community!

We'll see You Inside NEE Channel.


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