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NEEbytes Hash Power Bug is Resolved

Updated: Apr 12

We had a bug 🐞😱 and we took care of it 💪.

Like any other technology, NEEbytes is no different, and bugs will be discovered as the project matures.

If you find a bug, please do not worry!

The best thing to do is contact our support team.

Our procedure is to investigate the case and promptly ensure a resolution.

This past week some of our members experienced issues with their hash power.

The hash power was not reflecting the total of friends invited and authenticated by the ecosystem.

If you are new to the ecosystem, you may ask,

What is hash power?

Hash power is the power you use to mine NEEbytes daily blocks.

It is governed by the Proof-of-Effort (PoE) algorithm.

PoE is responsible for providing each user with a referral code, and then it tracks that referral code to award the referrer user every time someone new uses the code to join the system.

Hash power is only granted if the new member uses the referral code and becomes authenticated by the platform.

The more hash power you have, the more coins you will be able to mine.

It is called hash power because it resembles the computer power used for mining in different blockchains.

Three consensus algorithms govern NEEbytes blockchain:

Proof-of-Authority (PoA)

Proof-of-Effort (PoE)

Proof-of-Interaction (PoI)

We will elaborate on NEEbytes consensus algorithms in future blogs.

To continue explaining about Hash Power, In the NEEbytes blockchain, the user's interaction with the ecosystem generates value.

When a user interacts with a mining Station, the PoI Algorithms analyze the mining action and instruct the server to award and distribute mined coins.

PoI activates the user hash power to mine the daily block whenever users perform a mining action.

The daily block has 5000 coins to be mined.

Now that you are caught up to speed and have a better understanding of hash power, here are a couple of reasons why hash power was may not have been awarded to your account.

1. NEEbytes server did not hold the referral code when your friends opened their accounts, and for that, the PoE algorithm could not find the referral code in the ecosystem to award the hash power.

2. The referred member forgot to add the referral code upon registration. Even though they were authenticated, there was no referral code to award the hash power.

Please ensure the following criteria are met to resolve the issue in both scenarios for hash power to be granted.

- You have referred a friend.

- Your friend has opened an account.

- Your friend has been successfully authenticated.

- You have referred at least two members, and both have been authenticated (One hash power is awarded for every two members authenticated).

Please note that if the system flags the new account as a fake account or as the second account of an existing user, hash power will not be granted, and you risk having your account blocked. Please be mindful.

If the conditions above are met, and your hash power still does not reflect, you, together with your friend, will have to follow the steps below.

Steps to be followed by you:

Copy your referral code,

Send your referral code to your friend,

Instruct your friend on how to proceed.

Steps followed by your friend:

Login into account,

Click on the arrow pointing down, on the top right corner of the screen,

Click under Accounts Settings,

Click on Basic Settings,

Scroll down to Referral Code,

Add the referral code you have provided,

Click Save.

The steps described above will lock your referral code with your friend's account, enabling the PoE algorithms to find it when the ecosystem is scanned.

The solution we provide takes care of the bug in case our server does not hold your referral code in your friend's account and gives your friend a chance to add your referral code in case they forgot to do so in the first place.

Once a referral code is added and locked to the account, it can not be changed or reversed. It is important to ensure that you give the correct Referral Code to your friend and NOT the Referral Link. Both can be found under your name on your profile page.

On a side note:

To facilitate the referral of new members to join the ecosystem with your referral code, we have created a new option for you to share your code.

Now, under your name on your profile page, you will find the referral code and a referral link.

Providing your friends with the referral link will take them straight to the "create an account" page and add your referral code in the correct input box.

The link will help ensure that the referral code is added and you receive your hash power once authentication is completed.

Once that is done, the PoE algorithm will identify that a new referral code is added to the system. It will then add it to the queue to be awarded when all conditions are met (two friends authenticated per one hash power awarded).

Please note: We at NEEbytes can not make the changes ourselves. We do not have access to the user's account and can not add or change referral codes. The account owner must perform this action themselves and, it has been designed this way to ensure the integrity of the blockchain and coin distribution.

With all of that said, we would like to thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve our first bug.

We want to ensure you that in the NEEbytes ecosystem, we will always find a solution that will benefit the entire ecosystem.

If you experience any difficulties, send us a message to our support team.

We will open a case and ensure a solution is presented promptly.

You can also send our support team any suggestions that you think could benefit the ecosystem or that you would like to see available.

We will have our team looking into it, and if it does not affect our technology and if it is a reasonable request, we will work to ensure it is implemented in the ecosystem.

Together we will undoubtedly take NEEbytes to the moon.

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Until next blog

NEEbytes team

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