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NEEbytes Numbers for 2021

Getting to know the project you are invested in is of the utmost importance, and with the NEEbytes project is no different.

As the year gets to an end, we are happy to share an overall view of our ecosystem.

From now on, we plan to add a weekly post inside our blog at, where you will find updated numbers of our ecosystem.

We want to enable you to make wise decisions for your future NEEbytes investments. It will never be so easy to decide to be a HODLer or a SELLer, and we will be here all steps of the way to provide you with details, so you can speculate your trades with concrete facts.

The world of crypto will never be the same again!

With that said,

Here are some numbers you might like to keep track of it. (Nov 01 to Dec 30)

* This week we passed 100 users authenticated and mining NEEbytes. To be more specific, 120 users.

* In total, we have over 260 new members registered and using our community platform, NEEchannel.

* There have been just over 371,824.92 NEE coins mined.

* Coins have been mine at a rate of 6600.10 NEE coins daily.

* Over 95% of users are mining with 1 hash power. Hash power refers to the ability to mine more coins from our "Registration pool," with over 5000 coins distributed daily. The more friends you invite with your referral code, the more hash power you get, which means higher chances to mine most coins.

Now that you are updated, if you are already a member of NEEbytes, get your referral code out there and increase your hash power so you can mine more coins.

If you are still not a member,

Waste no time, open an account, authenticate yourself, and start mining NEEbytes today.

It is easy to mine NEEbytes. All you need to do is authenticate yourself, and interact with our mining stations. NEEbytes algorithms will do the rest by converting your cookie data and attention into NEE cryptocurrency.

In the new year let's be the ones enjoying the wealth our data generates.

Stay tuned for more updates in the first week of 2022.

Happy New Year

NEEbytes team


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