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NEEbytes Numbers for Jan 01 to Jan 07, 2022

As promised, we are back with more updates to share new numbers from another exciting week for the NEEbytes ecosystem.

We had our hopes high for the new year, and we were not disappointed. NEEbytes ecosystem has doubled in size in the first week of January, and that is thanks to you.

We are thrilled to see new members joining the community and convert their data and attention into NEEbytes cryptocurrency.

2022 is promising and will be filled with surprises as we continue the development of the NEEbytes ecosystem.

Another big news for this week is that we just announced NEEbytes listing into DEX-trade, a crypto exchange where you will be able to trade your data and add value to it.

If you have missed the announcement, do not worry, it was just a tease, as we are still working on integration. More updates will come when NEE coin's listing is officially live.

To ensure you do not miss updates, join our community inside NEEchannel, just in case you have not joined yet, and make sure you start mining NEEbytes today.

Here is the latest number of the NEEbytes ecosystem from Dec 31, 2021, to Jan 07, 2022:

* This week, we have doubled our user base to over 200 users authenticated and mining NEEbytes.

* In total, we have over 347 new members registered and using our community platform, NEEchannel.

* There have been just over 424,625 NEE coins mined.

* Coins have been mine at a rate of 6600.25 NEE coins daily.

* Over 95% of users are mining with one hash power. The more hash power a member has, the more access to NEEbytes, the member will have.

To find more details on how to mine the most NEEbytes, you can take a look at the link below:

- Hash power refers to the power (entitlement) you have over the NEE coins available for mining.

- NEE coins are distributed through a daily block known as the "Registration pool."

- NEEbytes server is responsible for distributing the 5000 coins available in the registration pool (daily block).

- Coins are divided based on members' hash power as members perform daily activities inside mining stations.

- You can increase your hash power by inviting friends to join the platform with your referral code.

- Your referral code can be found on the profile page, inside NEEchanel, under your profile name.

- The more hash power you have, the more NEE coins you will be able to mine.

NEEbytes' latest number will continue to be posted inside our blog in the link below, together with the latest updates for the NEEbytes ecosystem.,

Are you already a NEEbytes member?

Waste no time!

Start converting your cookie data and attention into NEEbytes crypto today, and start monetizing the time you spend online.

It is seamless to mine NEEbytes.

- Open an account inside NEEchannel,

- Authenticate yourself,

- Add content inside mining stations,

- Seatback and watch your wallet grow with NEE coins.

Stay tuned for more updates coming in the next week.

NEEbytes team.


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