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NEEbytes Numbers from Jan 08 to Jan 14, 2022

We're here with more updates, this time to offer new figures from another great week in the NEEbytes ecosystem, just as promised.

As you can see in our white paper, we have projected a growth rate for the NEEbytes ecosystem, but we did not expect to grow as fast as we are.

Thanks to you, the NEEbytes ecosystem has doubled in size again this week.

We are ecstatic to see more people joining the community every day and transforming their data and attention into NEEbytes.

This week, we launched our Survey page and received great feedback from our users.

When you respond to our community survey, you help strengthen our community.

Your voice is heard in the NEEbytes ecosystem, so make sure to participate and express your thoughts inside NEEchannel.

If you have missed our survey and would like to participate and mine some extra NEEbytes, do not worry, we add new surveys every day.

Have a suggestion?

Make a post, let the community be part of it, and contribute to your idea.

Here is the most recent number for the NEEbytes ecosystem from January 08, 2021, to January 14, 2022:

  • 553 members were authenticated and were mining NEEbytes.

  • In total, over 1203 new users have signed up to our community platform, NEEchannel.

  • So far, a total of 470,717 NEE coins have been mined in the ecosystem.

  • On average, 6600.5 NEE coins have been mined every day.

  • About 95% of users are still mining with a single hash power.

Check out the link below for further information on how to mine the most NEEbytes:

The more hash power a person possesses, the more NEEbytes they will be able to access.

- The mining power you have over the NEE coins available for mining is called hash power.

- NEE coins are distributed through the daily block, and your hash power is used to mine it if you interact with the platform daily.

- The NEEbytes server is in charge of dispersing the 5000 coins from the daily block.

- As members execute everyday operations inside mining stations, coins are distributed based on their hash power and interaction with the ecosystem.

- You may boost your hash power by encouraging friends to use your referral code to join the platform.

- Your hash power increases after your friends authenticate themselves.

- Your referral code is located beneath your profile name on the profile page of NEEchannel.

- You will be able to mine more NEE coins as you add more hash power to your account.

To make sure you are updated with the most recent numbers, you can follow the links below:

Our community Platform NEEchannel -

Our Blog page inside our the NEEbytes website -

If you are not a member yet, don't waste any time!

Join now and get the chance to grow with us.

Start mining NEEbytes by converting your cookie data and attention into NEE cryptocurrency today.

Mining NEEbytes is painless. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

- Create an account on NEEchannel.

- Verify your identity.

- Add content to NEEchannel mining station.

- Sit back and watch your NEE currency wallet grow.

Stay tuned for more updates!

NEEbytes team


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