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NEEbytes Numbers from Jan 15 to Jan 21, 2022

Updated: Apr 12

It has been an eventful week, full of surprises for the NEEbytes ecosystem.

Perhaps this blog should start with an apology.

Over the weekend, our servers had crashed, and you might have experienced difficulties trying to log in or access pages inside NEEchannel, and for that,

We are very sorry!

Please bear with us as we are all together in this, and together we will grow.

This week we have learned a lot about our community and ecosystem. With that, we will be implementing and updating our technology to provide you with the best environment to mine your NEE coins.

To help you understand why NEEchannel has crashed this week, which we believe you will be pleased to hear, we should start by sharing our numbers for the week.

In the pasts few days, our platform has grown so much that it surpassed our projection for the entire year, as described in our white paper, and you can find it in the link below.


Here is this week most recent number for the NEEbytes ecosystem:

From January 15, 2021, to January 21, 2022,

* 1345 people had verified their identities and were mining NEEbytes.

* Over 3590 new members have signed up for NEEchannel, our community platform.

* The ecosystem has mined a total of 516,755.00 NEE coins thus far.

* Each day, 6576 NEE coins are mined on average.

* Approximately 95% of users still mine with a single hash power.

Talking about hash power, we were made aware of a bug affecting this feature, and we have found why most hash powers have not been awarded.

After new members had opened their accounts, the system did not retain the referral code inside their profile page, causing the hash power not to be awarded to the referrer after the new member was authenticated.

To ensure users receive the right hash power for their referrals, we will implement a solution to allow new users to add the referred code into their accounts, even after the account has already been opened.

To do that, users will have to click on the arrow pointing down on the top right corner of the screen. Once the referral code is added again, hash power will automatically be added into the referrer account for every 2 members that have been authenticated.

Stay tuned. We should finish running tests in a couple of days, and the new feature will be available to everyone.

With the rapid increase of the NEEbytes ecosystem, we have decided to slow down with advertisements and focus on polishing the platform with additional features to ensure the platform is keeping up with our community expectations.

As we polish our community channel, here are some tips on how to mine the most NEEbytes:

NEEbytes is mined based on users' interactions with mining stations, in this case, NEEchannel.

NEEbytes ecosystem has a daily block of 5000 coins to be mined with users' hash power.

To activate the hash power and mine the daily block, users must interact with mining stations.

At the moment, NEEchannel is the only mining station, and users can activate their hash power by adding content to the platform.

Here are some actions that will add content and activate your hash power:

Adding posts - Posts can be messages, pictures or videos.

Replying to our surveys whenever available.

If any of the interactions above is performed, hash power becomes activated for the day.

When hash power is activated, it is used to mine the daily block of 5000 NEE coins. Like in other blockchains, NEEbytes has blocks, but instead of distributing coins every time a block is created, NEE coins are distributed through a daily block, and distribution is based on users' interaction with mining stations.

Hash power must be activated every day by interacting with the ecosystem to mine the daily block.

Because NEEchannel is the first mining station, it has a unique additional daily block with 1000 NEE coins for the best content created on the platform.

This block is distributed to the top 10% of the most liked posts.

To get the most likes, you have to be creative and add content that the community will enjoy and interact with it.

Share your insights, help new members, make new friends. The more connections you have, the more chances you will get likes.

The best time to increase your hash power and mine the most NEEbytes is now, as the project is still in its infancy.

NEEbytes was designed to ensure users can mine at least 1-2 NEE coins per year per mining station.

Mining difficulty will increase when the project matures, like in other blockchains.

The more you participate, the more NEEbytes you will have when the project matures.

Remember this,

Bitcoin was once worth nothing, and mining was very easy,

Then you could buy 1000 Bitcoins for $1,

Now Bitcoin leads the crypto market at over $30,000 per Bitcoin and, Mining difficulty has increased exponentially, making it impossible to mine a whole Bitcoin per year unless you have extensive equipment.

NEEbytes also started with no value,

We have listed into DEX-trade in less than a week ago,

We started to test trading at $0.00000001, and in less than a week, NEEbytes is being traded at $0.01,

It is worth mentioning that the exchange listing has not even been officially announced, as we are still running tests with DEX-trade integrations.

NEEbytes have been designed to convert cookie data into a digital asset, so it can be used to discover the actual value of cookie data when traded in the open market.

We know that cookie data has value, and it is the fuel that moves the internet, and because of that, you might ask yourself.

Where will NEEbytes go?

We do not know, but

* We know that you are not the only one that believes in the concept.

* We know that online platforms depend on your cookie data to monetize.

* And we can share one thing with you,

We are working really hard every day to take NEEbytes to the moon, and you are coming with us!

If you haven't joined our community yet, we are waiting for you inside NEEchannel.

Until next post

NEEbytes team

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