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NEEbytes - We Take Seriously Our Members Suggestions

You ask, and we don't just listen. We get the community engaged and ensure everyone is on board when new potential changes are suggested.

It was brought to our attention that members might feel more comfortable using the community channel if their full name was kept private, and instead, their username was used on posts and profiles.

To find out if that was a common feeling shared by the community, we launched a survey and started to study the possibilities of adding such changes.

NEEbytes' goal is to create a platform, not only, to enable you to monetize your data, but most of all, we want to empower you to be heard. We want to create an environment where everyone can feel safe and welcomed, where we share thoughts and opinions that could potentially change our future for the better.

No need to say, you guys are the best community ever!

Everyone was very engaged and wasted no time sharing their opinion.

Below, you can see the question of our survey that was suggested by one of our members. (Big thanks to Mark for the suggestion 💪 🚀)

"For privacy purposes, it was suggested that NEEchannel would display members Usernames instead of members Full names when members were to add a post. What would you prefer?"

  1. Username

  2. Full Name

  3. Neutral

  4. I don't Care

Here is the result of our survey:

83% of our users prefer to display only their usernames,

While 11% prefer to show their Full Name.

Only 5% are Neutral about the topic, and

Just 1% don't care if their username or full names are displayed.

While the survey was live, our developers looked for a solution if most of our members decided on the change.

In the NEEbytes ecosystem, we make things happen.

Starting tomorrow, you will notice that your user name will be displayed above your posts and on your profile page as requested.

We hope everyone enjoys the new feature, and we hope this will make the community comfortable in sharing their suggestions, so together, we can make our community better.

If you think you have an idea or suggestion that you would like to share and believe could benefit the community, please do not hesitate to share.

We are all on the same side and working together to accomplish our goal, which is "taking back the wealth our data generates."

Together we will make all changes necessary to achieve it.

To help NEEbytes make decisions to benefit our ecosystem, do not forget to participate in our surveys.

Do not speak the language?

Make use of Google translator!

Don't let such small detail stop you from being heard.

Share your thoughts, and do not waste the opportunity.


Please respond to your fellow NEEtizens comments (Big thanks to Rienz for the great nickname 💪 🚀).

Anything you think is worthwhile, and we want to hear it.

In a decentralized economy, you can not just hope someone makes the decisions for you.

With that said, our goal is to empower the community to help make important decisions.

We do not want you to follow us. We want you to walk beside us along this journey.

NEEchannel is a tool for you to speak up, and we can't wait to hear your voice.

So, just like "Sara Bareilles" sings on the lyrics of Brave.

Say what you want to say

And let the words fall out

Honestly, I wanna see you be brave.

💪 🎼

Together we can take NEEbytes to the moon 🚀.

NEEbytes team


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