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NEEbytes White Paper is Out!

All you wanted to know about the NEEbytes ecosystem is just a click away.

Suppose you are not familiar with the term. In that case, a White paper is a document drafted to explain a project's vision in detail. It presents the solution to resolve an existing problem and provides information.

The white paper is a widespread document used among cryptocurrencies, mainly intending to promote coins for crowdfunding, also known as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Even though NEEbytes has taken a different path and did not promote such an event, it is essential to make sure our community is on board and understands how we can change the data industry by empowering people to monetize their data.

NEEbytes have designed a system using various technologies to convert data into a digital asset and enable an economy where people can also enjoy their data's wealth.

The question remains: Are you going to sit back and watch, or are you going to be part of it?

As you know, Bitcoin, when it was first created, had no value per se, and as the value was first added, you could purchase 1000 bitcoins for $1. Now bitcoin technology speaks for itself, and speculation has moved the value through the roof.

NEEbytes also started with no value, just like bitcoin. Still, in our case, NEE currency will not only be backed by the traditional speculation of the market, but data will support NEE coins.

An economy has carefully been designed to ensure value growth and to control inflation for the NEEbytes ecosystem.

After all, data is the fuel that moves the internet, and we are making sure you can also make use of it.

Whit that said, we are happy to share some insights and show you how everything is done.

Inside our white paper, you will be able to discover:

* How data will back our currency.

* How NEEbytes technology is essential for the data and crypto industries.

* How we plan to empower people.

* How we plan to bring harmony to the digital marketing industry.

* How we open the crypto world doors to a whole new audience.

* How we will together discover the actual value of data. Sought by many.

* How you can take charge and control the value of your data.

* How we plan to disrupt two major industries at the same time.

The answers to all questions mentioned above, and some more, can be found inside NEEbytes white paper in the link below:

We are proud to present the NEEbytes ecosystem and provide options to empower you.

Our solution not only puts back the data value in the hands of the people but provides a chance for the digital ad industry to make amends for how they have abused people's data.

The ecosystem is FREE, and you can access it through any computer device, including smartphones.

The power to change is in your hands.

Be part of the data revolution.

Join our community platform at and share your thoughts today.


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