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Roadmap 2022


We are on the road to growth

The plan:

  • 100,000 users by the end of 2022.

How are we growing the ecosystem?

There is a math problem that goes somewhat like this:

Given the following option: Would you prefer to have $0.01 been duplicated every day for one month, or would you rather have $1 million handed to you at once?

The answer:

Is yours to choose, but,

If you chose the first option, even though you would start only with $0.01, you would have fairly more than $1 million at the end of one month.

That works the same way for our ecosystem. Suppose each of us brings two friends weekly. In that case, we can duplicate our ecosystem to exponential numbers, making the NEEbytes community the biggest crypto community known today and in a fairly short time.

The more people we have, the stronger our cause becomes.

If we work together, we can quickly get our community to grow.

With that in mind, we have created a Referral contest to incentivize and further reward the NEEbytes community.

To achieve our goal, we need our community of early adopters to increase their hash power. If everyone in the ecosystem increases their hash power by one every week, we can grow exponentially, but we need your help to achieve this.

Now for every two members, you invite, and that gets to be authenticated using your referral code, you become part of the contest for a chance to win lots of NEEbytes.

You get a chance to win NEEbytes every week that you contribute by joining the contest, and you also get to mine more NEEbtes out of the daily block.

Let's make it worth being the first ones to join the ecosystem.

The more hash power you have, the more coins you will mine.

Call your family, friends, and neighbours.

Help everyone get on board the crypto world through NEEbytes and at no cost. In fact, with the ability to monetize.

As we work on growth, we will continue to develop the NEEbytes ecosystem, and for that, we created milestones to be delivered in the next quarters.

2nd Quarter of 2022.

  • We Are Ready to Monetize Data and Add Value to NEEbytes

For this phase of the project, we are going to enable new methods of mining that will not only provide you with more NEE coins but will add value to NEE currency.

How are we doing that?

We will connect the NEEchannel platform with advertisement and survey networks in this monetization phase.

Here is what will enable NEEchannel to monetize your cookie data:

  • Reward ads

  • Interstitial ads

  • Surveys

Reward ads - We will add a page where you can watch ads and mine NEEbytes at the same time. When you interact with the Reward page, you will add value to NEEbytes ecosystem while mining more NEE coins.

Interstitial or banner ads - will display throughout your journey inside the platform.

Please do not click on it unless you genuinely are interested in the advertised product displayed in interstitial and banner ads. Otherwise, you will waste your time and will gain nothing from it.

For this kind of ad, and to protect the interest of advertisers, we will be monetizing interstitial and banner ads through the CPM model (cost per mile - 1000 prints). That means that even if you spend the entire day watching and clicking on these ads, you alone will add no value to the ecosystem, so please don't waste your clicks. We are sure you can make better use of your time doing something else instead of clicking on these ads.

Interstitial ads will add value as our user base grows and more users spend time online interacting with the ecosystem and community.

The CPM model will protect advertisers from fake clicks while, at the same time, will add value to the NEEbytes economy and people's data.

What are interstitial and banner ads?

Banner ads - are usually displayed at the bottom or top of the app or web platform.

Interstitial ads - are usually ads that appear when you are changing pages or have performed an activity inside the app or web platform.

What can you do to preserve our ecosystem once monetization starts?

  • Do not promote fake clicks.

  • Only click on ads that genuinely interest you.

  • Create a sincere persona for your surveys.

  • Do not try to answer the same survey multiple times.

There is enough AI technology to flag and detect profiles and platforms that pose such a threat.

Since we are building an ecosystem to enable our data monetization, we should be the first to strive to protect its integrity.

It is in our best interest to ensure the ecosystem abides by the industry's rules. Otherwise, there is no point in mining NEEbytes.

If you try cheating the system, you cheat yourself.

Following the industry rules is how we are going to monetize our data.

The value generated through ads and survey networks will be added to NEE cryptocurrency as per our "White Paper."

3rd Quarter of 2022

  • NEEbytes Smart Contract Goes Live

The NEEbytes Smart contract is responsible for taking NEE coins out of circulation.

All coins purchased for revenue sharing will be sent to the smart contract address and taken out of circulation.

The Smart contract ensures that the currency retains value and it controls inflation.

  • NEEbrowser

Be ready for a new mining station.

Yes, we are creating our own browser, and you will be able to mine NEE coins while browsing the internet.

NEEbrowser will kick start as BETA to test the technology for integration with other platforms that could eventually become mining stations.

What kind of platforms could become a mining station?

Any platform that depends on monetizing cookie data could become a mining station. Game apps are a great example of such platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google are also other excellent examples of platforms that depend on your cookie data to monetize. The more we grow, the more chance we have to get the attention of the big players,

which brings us back to "growth," our first milestone in this roadmap.

Growth, growth, growth!

The more users we have, the more attention we will bring to our cause. Other platforms will eventually have no choice but to adopt our technology or follow our footsteps and create a new one.

The important thing is that together we can disrupt the data and crypto industries and bring changes that will benefit all of us.

4th Quarter of 2022 into 2023

  • Development of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

With DAO going live, we will be able to automate coins distribution.

DAO will be responsible for distributing NEE coins to users interacting with other mining stations working under the NEEbytes protocol. This will be an important step towards integrating the ecosystem with other platforms.

These are some of our major milestones for 2022.

It goes without saying that we will continue optimizing our existing platforms, and new features will be added as the project evolves.

By year-end, we will release a new roadmap.

For that, you can expect to see the NEEbytes ecosystem not only enabling you to monetize your data, but we will also work on providing you with the ability to control and protect the data that you generate.

Get ready for this ride because we are taking you with us on this incredible journey.

Until next blog

NEEbytes team


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