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What Kind of Content Should I Post on NEEchannel?

You can share and post whatever content you find suitable, helpful and entertaining for the community.

You can start by sharing what is in your mind, share your hopes for the NEEbytes project, try getting users to engage with you. After all, we are a community trying to change how our data have been used.

Whatever you choose to share, make sure it does not promote fake news, violence, Pornography, discriminatory and offensive content. In short, make sure it follows our user policies in terms and conditions agreement, then you should be fine.

Some users have shared their stories, making the NEEchannel their diary log. Some share travel pictures, inspirational messages, poems, day-to-day life, hopes, funny videos, crypto-related posts and insights.

It is up to you to decide on your best content to share.

When you add content to the platform, you can choose to make the content private, meaning only your friends will have access to it, or you can make it public by sharing it with the entire community.

The best content with the most likes gets to mine more NEE coins.

1000 NEE coins are distributed daily through the content pool and divided equally between the day's 10% most liked content.

So the more creative and suitable content you add, the more chances you have to mine the NEE coins from the content pool.

Also, every time you add content, you get to participate in the distribution of the registration pool of coins that distribute 5000 coins a day based on users' hash power and interaction with the platform.

In short, NEEchannel has been created so you can replicate the actions you already perform online on your favourite social media, so we can test and add value to your data as it is converted to NEE coins.

More mining options will become available as NEEbytes matures in the following months to come.

We are looking forward to seeing your posts.

Enjoy your mining and

Welcome to NEEbytes.


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