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Road Map

Discover NEEbytes' Journey Ahead with Our Roadmap!

The NEEbytes project is excited to announce the next phase of its ecosystem development. This includes a number of exciting new features that are sure to enhance the user experience and further support the growth of the platform.

Soge - A social storage solution for members to store, share, and study data. 

NEEbytes Server - The backbone of the ecosystem that will allow data to be converted into cryptocurrency. 

Data Market - A marketplace within the NEEbytes platform where members can monetize their data. 

Smart Contract - The integration of a smart contract within a mainstream blockchain. 

Polygon-powered Blockchain - The development of a new blockchain using the latest Polygon technology.

Please note that the release of the consumer data platform will occur once the ecosystem reaches 100,000 users, and the health data platform is scheduled to begin development once the ecosystem reaches 1 million users. 


We invite you to stay tuned for updates as we continue to build and expand the NEEbytes ecosystem.

Find out more about the project by checking our WhitePaper.

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