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In today's digital age, data has evolved into a valuable asset that fuels the operations of countless online platforms. However, users often lack control over their own data, leading to concerns about privacy and misuse. The NEEbytes project aims to revolutionize the data landscape by empowering individuals with control over their data, turning it into a tradable asset through the innovative integration of cryptocurrency. This whitepaper explores the NEEbytes ecosystem, its unique features, tokenomics, security measures, and roadmap. By offering users the ability to own, trade, and monetize their data, NEEbytes introduces a new paradigm in data empowerment and privacy protection.



The digital revolution has transformed the way we interact with data, turning it into a driving force behind online platforms, marketing strategies, and business operations. However, this unprecedented access to personal information has raised concerns about data privacy, ownership, and control. NEEbytes emerges as a groundbreaking solution that empowers users to take control of their data destiny, transforming it into a tradable asset within a secure and transparent ecosystem. By merging the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, NEEbytes offers individuals the opportunity to monetize their data while safeguarding their privacy.


The NEEbytes Ecosystem

Empowering Data Ownership: NEEbytes introduces a novel concept where individuals can create personalized data cards, shaping their online personas through a series of demographic questions. This empowers users to take charge of their data, deciding whether to keep it private or monetize it for potential profit. By giving users the tools to shape their online identities, NEEbytes places data ownership back in their hands.

Turning Data into a Tradable Asset: Central to the NEEbytes ecosystem is the ability to convert data cards into NEE cryptocurrency. This transforms data from a passive entity into a tradable asset that can be bought, sold, or held as an investment. Users have the choice to cash out their NEE coins or hold them, aligning their interests with the potential growth of the data economy.

Blockchain and Data Privacy: Blockchain technology, known for its security and transparency, forms the bedrock of NEEbytes. Through blockchain, users' data privacy preferences are securely recorded, ensuring immutable control over how their data is used. NEEbytes is at the forefront of shaping data privacy regulations, ensuring that users' rights are respected and enhanced in a rapidly evolving digital landscape

NEEbytes Ecosystem

NEEbytes Ecosystem and Data Mining

At NEEbytes, we recognize the importance of maintaining the integrity of our ecosystem. Our Know Your Customer (KYC) process, powered by cutting-edge AWS technology, includes photo authentication. This approach not only verifies the authenticity of users but also prevents the proliferation of duplicate accounts or automated bots. By ensuring a secure and genuine user base, we uphold the privacy and fairness that underpin our data empowerment vision.


Understanding Data Mining and NEEbytes Ecosystem: NEEbytes operates on a unique model where users can mine NEE coins by contributing their data and online persona profiles to the ecosystem. This process involves two primary methods: the Blockchain Registration Method and the Data Card Creation Method.


Registering in the blockchain and creating data cards to shape your online persona is made effortless through our intuitive NEEbytes app, accessible on your smartphone. Our user-friendly interface guides you through each step, ensuring a seamless experience.

Data Mining

Blockchain Registration Method

  1. User Account Creation: Users start by creating an account on the NEEbytes platform, followed by a KYC photo authentication process, powered by AWS technology. Verified users gain access to the full ecosystem.

  2. Blockchain Privacy Choice Registration: Users participate in the Blockchain Registration Method by registering their privacy choice on the blockchain. This critical step involves a two-fold decision:

  3. 2a. Option 1 - Data Privacy: Users who prioritize data privacy choose to register their data as their own and opt out of companies' access. They receive 1 NEE coin per day for a month as a reward for their choice. They can also access privacy tutorials to enhance their online data protection.

  4. 2b. Option 2 - Data Monetization: Users who choose data monetization register their choice and create data cards to contribute to the generation of NEE coins.

  5. Mining and Reward: Both privacy-focused and monetization-driven users contribute to mining NEE coins. The fundamental distinction is that data privacy users generate coins for one month through the matured privacy data card. Data monetization users, on the other hand, possess multiple avenues to generate NEECoins. They can continuously create additional data cards, building a comprehensive online persona.

Blockchain Registration Method

Data Card Creation Method

  1. User Persona Creation: Users opting for data monetization can create data cards representing diverse facets of their online persona, including preferences, interests, and demographics.

  2. Data Card Generation: Data card creation initiates the generation of NEE coins. These coins accrue for a month from the time of data card inception, creating a dynamic incentive for users to contribute valuable data.

  3. Data Card Purchase: Companies seeking targeted data access can match their user database with NEEbytes. To purchase data, companies need NEE coins, which they acquire from community members generating data. This process ensures that users maintain control over their data value and privacy.

  4. Data Utilization: Companies that acquire data cards gain access to users' avatars and pertinent data. This information facilitates the creation of tailored advertisements and enhances user experiences.

  5. Data Storage and Security: Purchased data is securely stored within NEEbytes' vaults, powered by AWS S3 technology and robust security measures. This safeguard ensures the utmost privacy and protection of user data.

Through this innovative ecosystem, NEEbytes empowers users to make informed decisions about their data privacy and explore opportunities for data monetization. Users' choices drive the flow of NEE coins within the ecosystem, while companies benefit from targeted insights to refine their offerings and interactions.

Data Card Creation Method

Tokenomics: NEE Cryptocurrency

Coin Distribution and Sustainability: NEEbytes introduces a controlled inflation model for NEE cryptocurrency. With 11 billion NEE coins in total, 10 billion are reserved for users who convert data cards into NEE coins, while 1 billion is allocated to the ecosystem. This innovative distribution ensures a sustainable data economy while preventing centralized control.

Innovative Inflation Control: NEEbytes implements a dynamic distribution algorithm that adapts to the growth of the ecosystem. Coin generation rates adjust based on the number of users, promoting stability and value appreciation. As the ecosystem expands, the controlled inflation model ensures that users' data contributions remain valuable over time.


Coin Distribution and Ecosystem Growth

In order to ensure the equitable distribution of the NEEbytes cryptocurrency within our ecosystem, we have devised a structured approach that aligns with our commitment to community engagement and platform growth.

Initial Distribution

At the outset, a total of 11 billion NEEbytes coins will be made available for distribution. Initial distribution took place through our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) phase, a dedicated social channel designed to assess adoption and share the currency among our community members.


Coin Generation and Distribution Flow:

  1. Total Coins: NEEbytes introduces 11 billion coins into the ecosystem.

  2. User Mining: Users mine 10 billion coins through their interactions with the ecosystem.

  3. Ecosystem Allocation: 1 billion coins are allocated to the NEEbytes ecosystem. These coins are released at a rate of 10% of the daily coins mined.

Transition to the Official NEEbytes Ecosystem

Upon transitioning to the official NEEbytes ecosystem, a refined distribution schedule was established. This schedule is meticulously calculated to allocate the currency based on user engagement, specifically the conversion of data cards into NEE cryptocurrency. This process incentivizes users to actively participate and engage with the ecosystem.

Dynamic Distribution Algorithm

Our distribution algorithm adapts to the evolving ecosystem and its user base. After approximately 3 months from the official launch or upon reaching 1 million users, whichever comes first, the distribution of coins undergoes changes to ensure sustainability and fairness.

At first, the distribution involves earning up to 5 NEE coins per day by completing all data cards. Following the initial phase, the distribution model evolves as follows:

  • Upon reaching 1M users or up to 3 months: Members can mine up to 5 NEE coins per day by completing all data cards.

  • After the initial phase: Distribution drops to up to 1 NEE coin per day by completing all data cards.


Adaptive Mining Difficulty

To enhance the stability and longevity of the ecosystem, a dynamic mining difficulty mechanism is introduced. The mining difficulty, updated weekly, adjusts based on the number of users actively mining within the ecosystem. This entails a halving of the coin generation rate through data cards, coupled with a reduction in the maximum daily coin generation for users when completing all data cards.

The following table illustrates the mining difficulty adjustments:

Number of UsersCoin Generation Rate

Upon reaching 1M 1 NEE coin

1M to 2M 0.50 NEE coin

2M to 3M 0.40 NEE coin

3M to 4M 0.30 NEE coin

4M to 5M 0.20 NEE coin

5M to 10M 0.10 NEE coin

10M to 100M 0.05 NEE coin

100M to 200M 0.025 NEE coin

200M to 300M 0.0125 NEE coin

400M to 500M 0.00625 NEE coin

500M to 1Billion 0.001 NEE coin

The weekly adjustment ensures optimal coin generation aligning with the ecosystem's growth trajectory.

Enhanced Data Card Renewal

As participants continue to earn NEE cryptocurrency through data card conversions, the data cards generate coins once a day for a month. Users are encouraged to renew their data cards to sustain their mining activities. The monthly renewal also presents an opportunity for a potential shift in mining difficulty, granting users up-to-date with their data cards the potential to experience increased coin distribution.

Coin Distribution
Data Monetization

Data Monetization:
Empowering Users and Companies

The User Data Marketplace: NEEbytes establishes a secure marketplace where users' data avatars can be accessed by companies seeking accurate and permission-based data insights. Through an API, companies can match their user databases with NEEbytes', email addresses remain undisclosed unless a match is established. Once matched, platforms can acquire user data containing avatars in a digital format, which enhances their advertising targeting capabilities and user experience.

Secure Data Access and Storage: Companies can purchase user data using NEE cryptocurrency. After being purchase, data is then stored securely in NEEbytes' vaults powered by AWS S3 technology. User data remains confidential unless a match is established, ensuring a seamless and secure data exchange between users and companies.

The flow of Data Buyers

  1. Authentication: Companies seeking to purchase data complete a business-level KYC process for authentication.

  2. Company Registration: Authenticated companies are registered on the blockchain as data buyers.

  3. Data Matching: Companies use an API to match their user database with NEEbytes' user database.

  4. Data Purchase: Once matching is successful, companies purchase data from users in common. They incentivize their users to register with NEEbytes to better protect their data and engage with the ecosystem.

  5. Purchase Currency: Companies need to purchase NEE coins to access user data. A portion of these coins is taken out of circulation, and a 25% fee is allocated to the NEEbytes ecosystem for continuous development and monitoring.

  6. Data Availability: After purchasing data, a copy of the data card containing the user's avatar is shared. The data card becomes available again for purchase by other platforms with shared users.

Flow of Data Buyers

Ecosystem Monetization Flow

NEEbytes aims to be profitable and sustainable by ensuring the success of data as a tradable commodity in the ecosystem. The platform does not charge direct fees from users or platforms initially.

  1. Value Proof: The ecosystem monetizes based on the success of data monetization for users. As users thrive, the ecosystem thrives.

  2. Data Access: To access user data, companies directly purchase coins from users. These coins are used to access data without additional fees.

  3. Ecosystem Allocation: A 25% fee is deducted from coins used to purchase data, which is allocated to the NEEbytes ecosystem. This funding supports ongoing development and monitoring.

Ecosystem Monetization Flow

Security Measures:
Protecting User Privacy

Blockchain Security and Transparency: NEEbytes leverages the security and transparency of blockchain technology to record users' data privacy preferences. This permanent record ensures that user choices are respected and upheld within the NEEbytes ecosystem, offering a comprehensive solution to data privacy concerns.

KYC Photo Authentication and Data Cards: User authentication is fortified through KYC photo authentication, powered by AWS technology. By verifying their identity, users gain access to the NEEbytes ecosystem. Data cards enable users to control their data, with the ability to delete cards and halt the production of NEE coins associated with them.

Security Measures

NEEbytes Roadmap

Strategic Milestones: NEEbytes embarks on a transformative journey marked by strategic milestones. From unveiling the new NEEbytes app to preparing for Google's third-party cookie phase-out, the roadmap focuses on enhancing user experience, building partnerships, and pioneering data monetization.

Adapting to a Shifting Landscape: As data privacy regulations evolve, NEEbytes remains committed to shaping the data landscape. With a focus on community engagement and open-source development, NEEbytes adapts to changes in the industry while empowering users and companies in a rapidly changing digital environment.

Our roadmap takes a pragmatic and transparent approach by focusing on strategic milestones without specific timelines. This deliberate decision reflects our commitment to responsible growth, avoiding the allure of overpromising and underdelivering. As a pioneering project in uncharted territory, we recognize the importance of flexibility and adaptability. By progressing organically and gauging user needs, we can make informed decisions to enhance the ecosystem's viability and longevity.

RoadMap, Parternship, Team

Partnerships and Community Engagement

Fostering Collaboration with Advertisers and Regulators: NEEbytes recognizes the importance of collaboration with stakeholders in the digital ecosystem. Advertisers, marketers, and publishers stand to benefit from a partnership with NEEbytes, where innovative data cards and privacy protection are at the forefront. NEEbytes also aims to contribute to shaping data regulations, ensuring that its pioneering approach aligns with evolving legal frameworks.


NEEbytes Community and Communication: Effective communication is the cornerstone of NEEbytes' success. Community engagement will take place through the platform's data cards and social media channels. By fostering a sense of ownership and shared vision, NEEbytes invites users, contributors, and partners to actively shape the future of the data economy.


The NEEbytes Team:
Visionaries and Innovators

Nelson Tizeo: The Driving Force: Nelson Tizeo, the founder of NEEbytes, brings over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience to the project. With a commitment to data empowerment and privacy, Nelson's vision drives NEEbytes' evolution as a transformative platform. Learn more about Nelson's journey and vision on LinkedIn (@NelsonTizeo).

Dedicated Development Team and Contributors: The NEEbytes team comprises dedicated developers and a network of professionals contributing their expertise to the ecosystem's growth. As the project gains momentum and resources are allocated, the team is poised to expand, further driving innovation and development.


Shaping the Future of Data Privacy

NEEbytes' Contribution to Data Regulations: NEEbytes is more than an innovative platform—it's a contributor to shaping the future of data privacy regulations. By providing a solution that aligns with evolving laws and regulations, NEEbytes sets the stage for a data landscape where users' rights are protected and respected.

Empowering a New Data Economy: NEEbytes' potential extends beyond its current capabilities. As the ecosystem flourishes, data will become a precious commodity, and NEEbytes users stand at the forefront of this emerging data economy. Early adopters have the opportunity to acquire a significant share of NEE coins, empowering them as pioneers in a new era of data empowerment.

Future of Data

A Transformative Journey Ahead

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, NEEbytes is at the forefront of a groundbreaking endeavor to reshape the way we perceive and harness data.

Our mission is clear: empower individuals to take charge of their data destiny, create value from their digital personas, and contribute to a new era of data ownership and control. We're pioneering the fusion of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and data empowerment, while remaining committed to transparency, collaboration, and adherence to evolving regulations.

NEEbytes invites you to join us on this transformative journey to shape the future of data privacy, and together, we'll usher in an era where data truly becomes a tradable asset of personal value.

Conclusion, Disclaimer, References


The NEEbytes project is an ambitious effort to explore the potential of data as a tradable asset within a secure and transparent ecosystem. While we are committed to driving innovation and empowering users, this whitepaper does not constitute a guarantee of specific outcomes or financial results.

The project's success relies on a variety of factors, including technological developments, market dynamics, regulatory changes, and community engagement. NEEbytes aims to collaborate with stakeholders, regulators, and users to shape a data economy that values individual data ownership and privacy.

Participation in the NEEbytes ecosystem is subject to applicable laws, regulations, and our terms of use. As a forward-looking initiative, the project's details and features may evolve over time. We encourage users, investors, and partners to carefully review the information presented in this whitepaper and exercise due diligence before making any decisions. Your involvement in the NEEbytes ecosystem signifies your understanding and acceptance of these terms.



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