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NEEbytes AI Assistant (Beta) is Ready for Your Business!
Get AI-Powered Customer Service for your Website Starting at $39.99/month.

For Individuals 

Capitalize Your Data With NEEbytes Cryptocurrency

Excited young white male gaining coins with NEEbytes app

Every time you browse the internet and use apps, you leave behind valuable data. At NEEbytes, we help you capitalize on this information.


Seamlessly answer questions and create data cards to train AI systems. Build a customer persona that aids marketers, advertisers, and researchers in understanding and serving you better.

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For Businesses:

AI-Enhanced Customer Engagement Chatbot

Woman holding a computer showing 'Your Site' with a projected NEE bot AI assistant and holographic shoppers carrying bags.
Shoppers carrying bags.

Install your own AI assistant, personalized with deep knowledge of your website.  Seamlessly integrate our chatbot to elevate your customer service experience.


Discover user inquiries in real-time, take control of conversations to close deals immediately, or swiftly resolve issues. Enhance your customer engagement with AI that understands your business needs.

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