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Earn Cryptocurrency While You Are Online

By using Blockchain Technology

We Enable you to convert your cookie data into a digital asset, NEEbytes cryptocurrency.

So you can discover the actual value of your data by trading it in the open market, just like on stock exchanges.

We provide the tools you need to keep your world in your hands. Don't just give your data away.

Monetize it!

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NEEbytes technology can be used by any platform that would like to become a mining station and enable you to make money for the cookie data you share online.

Join the community

NEEchannel is the first mining station where you can replicate your online social activities and convert your cookie data into NEEbytes cryptocurrency simultaneously.


You, too, deserve to make money for the time you spend online!

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Changing Lives

One Download

at a Time


You No Longer Have to Be the Product!


NEEbytes Community,
A Place for All

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