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NEEcoins: Your Gateway to the Data Economy

Understanding NEEcoins: A New Kind of Digital Currency

NEEcoins are not just any digital currency; they're a reflection of your valuable data in the NEEbytes ecosystem.


By answering questions in data cards, you create a digital asset – NEEcoin. These data cards are the only way to generate currency within our system, representing the real potential value of your shared information.

The more you share, the more you earn.

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Data Cards.
NEEbytes app
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How NEEcoins Work

Every data card you complete translates into NEEcoins. These coins can then be traded on the DEX-trade crypto exchange, offering you the flexibility to buy or sell at the market price.

Additionally, our affiliate program allows you to start earning $30 worth in NEEcoins by referring new users to our out-of-the-box AI solution (*Request Your Referral Code).


Every successful referral that purchases a yearly subscription earns you a commission, paid in NEE coins at the current market rate and provides liquidity to the NEE coins economy.

The Value of Your Data

In the NEEbytes ecosystem, your data has real value.


We envision a future where, instead of websites and advertisers indiscriminately gathering your data, they can access it through NEEbytes – but at a price that directly benefits you and the community sharing data.

This approach turns the traditional advertising model on its head:

Your data becomes a sought-after commodity, and you are rewarded for its use.

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NEE coins
Avatar showing NEE coin

Easy Cash Out Process

Cashing out your NEEcoins is straightforward.

Simply transfer your NEE coins from your NEEbytes wallet to DEX-trade, where you can exchange them for other cryptocurrencies.

As our ecosystem grows and proves the value of data as an asset, we plan to introduce more cash-out options to make your experience seamless.

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Regular Data Card Updates: Maximizing Your Earnings

To keep earning NEE coins, update your data cards every month. This ongoing engagement ensures that your data remains current and valuable, allowing you to mine up to 5 NEEcoins daily.

As our user base grows, our dynamic mining difficulty mechanism will adjust, in line with our white paper's vision for sustainable ecosystem growth.

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Avatar showing how to maximize earning by answering the data cards
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NEEbytes app screenshot.
NEEbytes app screenshot.
NEEbytes app screenshot.
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NEEbytes app screenshot.
NEEbytes app screenshot.

Join the Data Revolution

With NEEbytes, you're not just a user; you're an active participant in a new data economy.


Your data, your choices, your rewards – that's the power of NEEbytes and NEE coins.


Start your journey today and be part of a community that values and rewards your data contributions.

Download The NEE App Now.

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