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NEEbot: Your AI Assistant and Business Booster

Affordable and Flexible Pricing​

Choose the right NEEbot plan for your business

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AI Bot Price Plan


Start at Just $30!


  • 500 Interactions

  • 30,000 Characters to Teach the Bot About Your Business

  • Daily Reports & Summary of Interactions

  • Direct Messaging Alerts for Immediate User Attention & New Conversations

  • Flexibility to Pause and Resume Anytime

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Additional Replies: $0.05 each or the equivalent in NEE coins.

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Avatar introducing the potential off NEE bot through graphics. she have the assistence of NEE bot AI.

Empowering Your Business with NEEbot​

Experience the transformative power of AI in customer service.


NEEbot offers intelligent, real-time interactions that elevate customer engagement and satisfaction.


Try it firsthand and see the difference it makes.

The Future of AI with NEEbytes​

We’re constantly innovating to bring you more.


While NEEbot currently excels in customer interactions, we’re expanding our services to include advanced tools like customer data analysis, market research and targeted advertising, leveraging unique online personas.


Stay tuned for these exciting developments!

Your Business,

Powered by NEE AI

NEE AI goes beyond automated replies.


It’s about creating personalized, engaging, and efficient customer experiences. Our AI is adaptable, ensuring every interaction meets the specific needs of your customers.

Join the AI Revolution​

Embrace next-generation customer service with NEEbot.


Join our waiting list to explore the capabilities of AI-driven interactions that transform business-customer relationships.

Join Our Waiting List Today!​

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An avatra of a black female using the assistance of NEE bot AI.
Avatar representing a customer service agent using the assistance of NEE bot AI.
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