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Your Online Privacy and Why It Matters

A Simple Guide to Cookie Banners and How They Protect You

Every time you browse the web, your online privacy is at stake. It's important to understand how websites use your data, especially in today's digital age.


Cookie banners, those pop-ups asking for your permission, are a legal requirement under privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – a regulation that helps protect your online data.


These banners inform you when sites want to collect data to enhance your browsing experience.


Understanding what you're agreeing to is key, and we're here to help make it clearer.

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Website page with cookie banners requesting user permission to access data.
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Avatar introducing how important data is for platforms as they ask your permisson to use data.
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What Are Cookie Banners, and Why Do You See Them Everywhere?

Cookie banners are messages asking if you're okay with a website tracking your visits and activity.


They became widespread as privacy laws strengthened to ensure you're informed about your data usage.

The Problem with Cookie Banners: Are They Enough?

While these banners aim for better privacy, they're not foolproof.


Often, we click 'yes' just to move on, possibly sharing more data than intended. They're a start, but there's room for a better approach to managing our online information.

A New Solution with You in Mind: NEEbytes

Enter NEEbytes, a platform that goes beyond just asking for your permission.


We empower you to control and financially benefit from your data. Our innovative approach allows you to actively choose the information you wish to share, creating a digital profile in our data bank.


Our 'data bank' is like a secure storage for your digital profile, which becomes part of a 'marketplace' where businesses can ethically access the data you choose to share.


This profile becomes part of a marketplace where companies can directly purchase the data you've chosen to share, ensuring you are financially rewarded for your contributions.


It's a fresh perspective on privacy that puts you firmly in command.

'Data cards"
Avatar introducing a new solution to gain value to your data by using the 'Data cards'
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Avatar is using NEEEbytes app to gain monetary rewards.

How NEEbytes Changes the Game for You

With NEEbytes, you're not agreeing to cookies; you're taking charge of what information you share and earning NEE coins in return.


NEE coins represent the value of your shared information in our ecosystem. Their value can fluctuate, just like any currency, offering you potential financial gains based on market dynamics.


This new approach to privacy and data control puts you in the driver's seat, allowing you to benefit directly from your online data.

Looking Ahead:
Your Data, Your Choices

NEEbytes is leading the charge towards a future where you're not only the master of your data but also can leverage it for financial gain.


We're not just enhancing privacy; we're empowering you to benefit from the data you willingly share and turn it into a source of income.

The Bottom Line:
More Power to You

With NEEbytes, instead of just agreeing to cookie requests, you actively decide what data to share and get paid for it in NEE coins.


Join us in moving towards a world where you manage your privacy and your data works for you, bringing direct financial benefits.

Avatar looking ahead to futre where data can be protected and valued.
Avatar showing NEEbytes app home page and inviting new users to join.

Be Invested in the Data Revolution

Embrace the change with NEEbytes – discover how your data can work in your favor.

It’s time to claim your space in the data economy and start reaping the rewards of your online data.

Let's Get Started with NEEbytes

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