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NEEbytes: Unlock the Power of Your Data

Download the NEEbytes app and get started by authenticating yourself, registering your data privacy choices, and creating your unique data card. Your data card consists of personalized demographic questions that help build your online persona. By providing these valuable insights, you create your online avatar, enhance the value of your data, and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Open an Account.

How It Works:

  • Authenticate Yourself: Begin by verifying your identity through face recognition by AWS.

  • Register Your Data Privacy Preferences: Safeguard your data by securely recording your privacy choices on our immutable blockchain. Your privacy matters to us, and we want to ensure that you have complete control over how your data is used within the NEEbytes ecosystem and across all platforms.



In today's digital landscape, data has become a powerful asset, yet most individuals have little control over how their data is collected and utilized by online platforms. At NEEbytes, we recognize the importance of data privacy and put you in the driver's seat of your data destiny. While we cannot control how your data is managed on other platforms, we provide the tools and knowledge you need to enhance your data protection across online platforms.

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Addressing Risks and Empowering Users

When you join the NEEbytes movement, you have nothing to lose besides the few minutes you spend creating your data cards and monitoring your account. These small steps allow you to become part of a potential future where you have control over your data and the option to trade or monetize it as you desire.

We understand that data privacy is a significant concern, and that's why we prioritize your data protection. NEEbytes follows GDPR rules, ensuring that we address privacy regulations and respect your rights as a data owner. But we want to go one step ahead and actively involve you in shaping data privacy rules for the future. We aim to provide you with a platform to voice your concerns and contribute to the creation of new rules that enhance data protection and user empowerment.

At NEEbytes, we stand as an example of how to protect and interact with data securely, ensuring that your data remains in your control. Your privacy matters to us, and we are committed to supporting your journey as a valued data contributor within our ecosystem. To find out more about GDPR rules and our commitment to data privacy, you can click here.

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Create Your Data Card and
Empower Your Online Persona


The next step is to create your data card, a revolutionary concept unique to NEEbytes.


Your data card represents your online persona, shaped by a series of personalized questions that reflect your individuality and interests. It's time to take control and unleash the true potential of your data, transforming it into a valuable asset within our secure ecosystem.

Protect or Monetize

NEEbytes empowers you with choices. You can decide to keep your data card private and gain personal insights into your online persona, safeguarding your data within the ecosystem and across the web. Alternatively, you can seize the opportunity to monetize your data by making it available for sale to interested buyers. When you share your data, it is converted into NEE crypto coins that are deposited inside your NEEbytes app wallet.


Earn NEE Cryptocurrency and Reap the Rewards

As the future arrives and companies seek specific data to fuel their targeted advertising and marketing efforts, NEEbytes offers a seamless solution. With growing privacy restrictions and data gathering limitations, NEEbytes serves as a secure marketplace for companies to access valuable persona data from users like you.

Data Synchronization for Monetization

Through our innovative ecosystem, NEEbytes enables companies to match their own user database with ours. This synchronization allows them to purchase persona data from our platform, unlocking the potential to enhance their personalized marketing experiences within their own ecosystem. By tapping into the rich data generated and controlled by you and other users within NEEbytes, companies can achieve deeper insights, drive engagement, and foster growth like never before.


Rewarding User Contributions

As companies purchase persona data to fuel their marketing initiatives, they must acquire NEE cryptocurrency from users like you, who made their data cards available for sale and have been accumulating cryptocurrency inside their ecosystem's wallet. This not only empowers you to monetize your data, but it also ensures that your contributions are appropriately rewarded when you cash out your NEE cryptocurrency.

Empowering a New Data Economy

The data economy of the future is not just about data collection; it's about data empowerment. By becoming a part of NEEbytes and contributing your data through data cards, you play an essential role in creating a sustainable and equitable data economy. The more companies recognize the value of your data and invest in our persona information, the more the entire ecosystem thrives, and your data becomes increasingly valuable and sought-after.

User Experience at the Heart of NEEbytes

At NEEbytes, we strive to provide you with a seamless and empowering user experience. As we build the blocks of a new data economy, our focus remains on creating a platform that puts you in control of your data's value and contributions.

While real-time scenarios are yet to materialize fully, we envision a future where data owners like you will play a crucial role in shaping the data economy. As companies seek new ways to engage users and deliver personalized experiences, NEEbytes stands as a transformative solution.


By actively participating in the NEEbytes ecosystem, you become an integral part of this data revolution. Your contributions today set the stage for a prosperous and equitable data economy in the future. We are excited about the potential of this journey and the opportunities it presents for you to unlock the true value of your data.

Control Inflation for Sustainable Growth

At NEEbytes, we are committed to maintaining a sustainable and thriving data-based economy. To achieve this, we have devised an innovative mechanism that controls inflation within the NEE cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our carefully orchestrated plan ensures a continuous appreciation of data value and the sustainability of the platform.


NEE Coin Distribution


Only 11 billion NEE coins will be generated and distributed when the ecosystem fully matures. 10 billion coins will be distributed among the community as data cards are converted into the ecosystem's digital currency, and 1 billion coins will be distributed to NEEbytes at a rate of 10% of coins mined and distributed among the platform's users. This ensures NEEbytes has access to funds to manage the ecosystem without controlling or affecting the market.


Strategic Coin Removal

When companies purchase persona data using NEE cryptocurrency, the coins used for these transactions are immediately taken out of circulation. This strategic removal ensures that only the coins directly involved in data acquisition are temporarily removed from the pool of circulating NEE currency. As a result, the scarcity of NEE coins increases, further enhancing the value of your data and the entire ecosystem.


Reintroduction of Coins

Once all coins have been mined and distributed in the NEEbytes ecosystem, after being exchanged for data cards, the coins taken out of circulation when used to purchase data will be reintroduced periodically. This ensures the ecosystem continues to thrive in case we head towards a future where currency is still necessary. The carefully managed reintroduction aligns with the growth of data contributions and the demand for persona data, safeguarding the long-term sustainability of the NEEbytes ecosystem.

Empowering Data Providers

The controlled inflation model empowers you, the data provider, by preserving the value of your data over time. As companies continue to access persona data and reinvest in the ecosystem, the appreciation of your data's worth should continue unabated. Your contributions become increasingly valuable and respected, ensuring a rewarding experience as an integral part of the data revolution.

The Future of Data Empowerment

NEEbytes stands at the forefront of data empowerment, where individuals like you take control of their digital identities and shape the data economy of the future. By participating in the NEEbytes ecosystem, you become a steward of your data's value, guiding its trajectory within a sustainable and innovative platform.

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Watch Your Data Value Grow

As a data provider within the NEEbytes ecosystem, you become an essential participant in shaping the future of the data economy. The value of your data is not static but dynamic, capable of experiencing remarkable growth over time. By actively engaging with NEEbytes and contributing to the ecosystem, you set in motion a virtuous cycle that propels the appreciation of your data's worth.

The Scarcity Factor

As more users like you join NEEbytes, create data cards, and start blocking data across platforms, the availability of persona data will become increasingly limited. Each data card you generate contributes to the growing value of data with your accurate persona information in the ecosystem. This scarcity enhances the desirability of your data, making it a sought-after asset among companies seeking targeted and relevant data insights.

Thriving Data-Based Economy

The growing scarcity of persona data across online platforms and the creation of avatars within the NEEbytes ecosystem fosters a thriving data-based economy. Companies recognize the unparalleled value of accessing authentic and permission-based data from engaged users like you. Consequently, they continue to invest in NEE cryptocurrency to acquire your data, further fueling the appreciation of its worth.

Rewards for Early Adopters and
The Potential Future of Data

As an early adopter of the NEEbytes platform, you stand at the forefront of data empowerment. As the ecosystem grows and evolves, your data's potential for value appreciation becomes even more significant. With each data card you create and each contribution you make, you actively participate in shaping a future where data is an empowering asset. Your contributions today set the stage for a prosperous and equitable data economy in the future.

Empower Your Digital Fortune

At NEEbytes, we believe in empowering you with complete control over your data. We understand that your preferences regarding data sharing may change over time, and we want to ensure that you have the flexibility to make choices that align with your evolving needs.

Have Full Control Over Your Data

We believe that data ownership should always remain in your hands. With NEEbytes, you have the power to take back control of your digital fortune by withdrawing your data cards from availability. This action instantly halts the production of NEE cryptocurrency associated with your data, giving you peace of mind and complete control over your persona information.

Your Data, Your Terms

Whether you choose to monetize your data for a period of time or decide to protect it indefinitely, NEEbytes respects your choices. Your data privacy preferences are paramount, and we are committed to supporting your decisions throughout your journey with us.

The Power of Blockchain Security

By registering your new data privacy choice on the blockchain, you are leveraging the power of secure and immutable technology. The blockchain serves as a permanent record of your decisions, ensuring that your data preferences are respected and upheld within the NEEbytes ecosystem and available in our directory for platforms to consult our registry of data creators.

Shape the Future of the Data Economy

In an era where data privacy regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, the traditional avenues for companies to access data for monetization are facing significant challenges. With the advent of new privacy measures, such as Apple's iOS feature that allows users to opt-out of app tracking and Google's phase-out of third-party cookies, the data industry is undergoing a transformation. Companies are finding it more difficult to target and engage new customers through personalized advertisements and data sharing.

With NEEbytes

You Can Control Your Data 

A Transformative Solution

NEEbytes is at the forefront of revolutionizing the data economy to meet the evolving needs of users and businesses alike. We recognize the crucial need to provide individuals with the power to monetize their data while ensuring their privacy remains intact. The NEEbytes ecosystem serves as a solution to the challenges that the data industry is encountering in the age of artificial intelligence and ever-changing data privacy regulations.

Empowering Data Monetization

By creating data cards and contributing to the NEEbytes ecosystem, you have the opportunity to invest early in a new economy governed by your data. As more companies seek alternatives to the diminishing access to traditional data sources, NEEbytes offers a secure and transparent marketplace for users like you to monetize your persona data through NEE cryptocurrency. This innovative approach ensures that companies can continue to access the valuable insights they need to fuel their advertising and marketing efforts.

A Future-Proof Data Economy

The potential future event of Google phasing out third-party cookies represents an inflection point for the data industry. NEEbytes provides the groundwork for a future-proof data economy, empowering you to take control of your data's value and contributions. As more users join the ecosystem, the value of persona data continues to grow, solidifying the foundation for a sustainable and equitable data-driven future.


Leading with Blockchain Technology

NEEbytes leverages the security and transparency of blockchain technology to safeguard your data privacy preferences and ensure the integrity of data transactions, as NEE crypto coins. With your data cards converted and traded as NEE coins, you have a tangible stake in a decentralized ecosystem that respects your choices and rewards your participation.

The Opportunity for Early Adopters

By joining NEEbytes early, you become a pioneer in shaping the future of the data economy. Your early investment in the ecosystem allows you to capitalize on the growing demand for persona data while benefiting from a data-based economy that puts you at the forefront.

Unlock the Potential of Your Data

Join the NEEbytes community today and become a part of a transformative journey where your data becomes a valuable asset in a new digital economy.

Download the NEEbytes app now to unlock the power of your data and secure a prosperous future in the age of data privacy and artificial intelligence.

Download NEEbytes App

Join the Data Revolution Today!


Manually create your online persona, receive NEE cryptocurrency, and join the future economy.

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