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NEE: Your AI Advantage in Customer Service

Empowering Businesses with Easy AI Integration

NEEbytes is transforming the landscape of customer service for businesses.

We offer a streamlined solution for integrating advanced AI into your services, making it accessible even without technical expertise.


Our platform is uniquely designed to host and enhance AI bots, ensuring they align perfectly with your customer service needs.

Avatar interacting with NEE bot helper AI assistant.
Avatar displaying on a scale on NEE bot AI is cost effective for the services and opportunities it provides.

Immediate AI Interaction​

Experience the power of our AI firsthand.


Interact with our bot on our website to see how it can elevate customer engagement.

This direct interaction offers a glimpse into the enhanced customer service experience provided by our AI.

NEEbytes for Businesses: Stellar Service, Sustainable Costs

Reduce costs in user acquisition and retention while delivering exceptional service.

Our platform leverages AI to offer personalized, efficient, and delightful customer interactions, striking the perfect balance between quality and cost-effectiveness.

The Present and Future of AI with NEEbytes

Our current focus is on hosting sophisticated AI bots, utilizing baseline models like GPT, Grok, and Bard.

We enhance these models using templates crafted from real customer feedback, ensuring they resonate uniquely with each individual. This approach allows us to provide AI-driven services that are not just automated but genuinely personalized. As we grow, we aim to deepen this personalization by continuously refining our AI based on customer interactions.

Your Business, Powered by NEE AI​

NEE AI is not just a tool; it's your partner in creating outstanding customer experiences.


With our tailored AI models, your business can offer service experiences that are personal, engaging, and highly efficient. This approach is all about being present and responsive whenever your customers need, ensuring each interaction is tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

A happy bussiness man receiving supported by NEE bot assistant.
Splash of colours projecting NEEbytes vision.
Avatar displaying price plan

AI Bot Price Plan


Start at Just $30!


  • 500 Interactions

  • 30,000 Characters to Teach the Bot About Your Business

  • Daily Reports & Summary of Interactions

  • Direct Messaging Alerts for Immediate User Attention & New Conversations

  • Flexibility to Pause and Resume Anytime

Flexible and Fair Pricing​

Adopt AI in your customer service with a pricing model that suits your business.

Invest in A Customer-Centric Experience

Embrace the future of customer service with NEEbytes.


Register for our waiting list to discover AI-driven interactions, and see how we can revolutionize your customer relationships.

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